How we do it

We provide branded and non-branded hands free kits, ensuring compatibility with any phone and car. Our qualified engineers install our advanced hands free kits using non-damaging parts to ensure your vehicle’s operation is unaffected. All of our engineers are qualified to a high standard and are qualified to City and Guilds or equivelent level. Non damaging parts (fixings, wiring looms, brackets) are used to ensure that your vehicle’s original components are preserved as much as possible.

The correct way!

The correct installation of your handsfree car kit is vital to not only maximise reception, but also to meet recommended Ofcom guidelines (Code of Practice MPT1362) and the conditions of your vehicle warranty.

We have only approved qualified professional installers – who work to industry guidelines and work only on installations deemed completely safe. In addition, our Nokia Accreditation ensures we are audited at regular intervals, which ensures that our standards are maintained and customer satisfaction is maximised

For any installation, it is important to consider the following:

Cradle mounting

If your employees are driving leased vehicles, we advise you to select car kits where the cradle can be attached without the need for screws to ensure no visible damage to the interior.

Cradle positioning

The location of the cradle should be within arm’s reach of the driving position and provide good visibility of the mobile device’s screen – under no circumstances should the car kit prevent the driver from controlling the vehicle in any way. The cradle should also be positioned away from the airbags to avoid possible injury if deployed.


Special care should be taken with wiring, connection to the in-vehicle audio system and microphone positioning to ensure operational safety and optimise performance. Professional installation will allow the various components of your car kit to be concealed or appropriately integrated within the design of your vehicle.

The vehicle manufacturer’s guide

It is essential that the installation of your car kit complies with the vehicle manufacturer’s requirements. Any interference with other on-board systems must be avoided. We will consult the manufacturers handbook or contact a representative of the manufacturer directly if we are in any doubt regarding your vehicle’s warranty.

Ofcom Code of Practice

All car kit installations are carried out in conformance with the Ofcom Code of Practice, ensuring a safe and efficient installation.