What we can do for you?

Installation Services

People do all sorts of stuff in their motors now apart from driving……….

Some like to keep in touch with their clients, their boss and their family on the move.

Others,now use them as Sat Navs.

Some people like to play music off their mobile.

Some of them even want to be able to hear their text messages and emails being read to them.

Whatever you decide you like or don’t like to do, we’ll provide you with the best solution for your mobile and car.


Want to improve your cars performance, or perhaps you want to make it more economical?  We can change the configuration for your engine to do this.  Click here for more information

Mobile Phone Help

Apart from knowing about the best solution in your car, we also have a grasp of mobile phone technology. So, if you are unsure what type of phones to have, get in touch with us about what solution is best for you. And when you purchase it, call us for an appointment  to help set up your phone and use all the functionality of it as it should be.